State of the art facilities, with premium on-site support

Secure Application Infrastructure

host your application in Tanzania, for optimal speed and security.

Flexible VPS Plans

Co-location Facilities

(Our prices are flexible and allow Per U, Per Rack or Per SQM Pricing)

Cooling & Sensors

Efficient In-Row-Rack Cooling

Rack Based Monitoring

Environmental Sensors

Security Sensors


Power from Dual Sub-Station

Dual Generator

UPS Backed Grid



24/7 Manned Guards

Indoor/Ourdoor CCTV

Biometric Access Control

Rack Door Security Sensor


PVC Anti Static Floor

Anti Static Wall Point

Dual Fire Detection

Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting

VPS can be customized to suite customer requirements.

Contact us for custom plans on

Cloud Storage

multiple tiers of storage for applications and database. 

CCTV Backup

With our Secure storage, you can transfer all your critical CCTV recordings off site everyday, in an event a disaster strikes at your premise, your CCTV footage is safe.

Database Backup

We provide iSCSI or NFS based cloud storage to backup your critical database.

Server Backup

With our iSCSI Target based storage, you can backup your complete OS either using Windows Backup or other 3rd party backup utility.

File Backup

Build your own Filestation on the Cloud. With sync facilities between your machine and the storage. Its like having your private dropbox!
Ground Floor, Elegant Estate, 
Plot number 28A 
Kipawa Industrial Area,
Nyerere Road, 
Dar Es Salaam

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DataLabs (T) Ltd started off with a simple idea. The idea was to make sure all Businesses & Enterprises should have access to a state of the art Disaster recover site. As the idea was further being brainstormed, and the team understood that not every organization have large sum of money at their disposal to build a Datacenter. We also realized not every business will want to spend from their operational expenditure to pay to maintain the facilities and human resource of a DataCenter.

Keeping the above in mind, in 2016, the team decided to build a Datacenter for businesses and provide co-location services. The goal is to provide every business a stable, secure, reliable and most importantly low cost solution to host their Disaster recovery platform. And that gave rise to DataLabs (T) Ltd.

The mission of DataLabs (T) Ltd is to maintain and highly Secure, Scalable and Available Datacenter in Tanzania.